Astra Aspera Foundation

Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways.

Why is Education a primary focus for us?!

There are millions of children all over the world that are unable to follow their education, because of poverty, humanitarian disasters or buy ethnic or medical condition discrimination. Uneducated young people are vulnerable to poverty because they lack practical skills and the labour market has no demand for them, this complicated the choices they can make for their lives. Astra Aspera Foundation attempts to tackle this extremely important challenge by creating opportunities for these children to have access to educational systems and making a change for them by giving out scholarships and helping children fulfill their basic needs in order for them to have an opportunity to follow their educational programs. Having young people who are unemployed because of their education, will lead to a generation of people who cannot afford their living, who are unable to follow a career and most importantly they cannot create jobs for other people which makes it almost impossible for these people to break out of their vicious poverty chain. These young people will always be prone to discrimination and here at Astra Aspera Foundation we want to give these people a voice so they can stand up and fight against discrimination, this way we can reduce the risk of poverty, hunger and illness.

Education will be the cure for the people who live in these developing countries!

You want to help the cause?

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