Astra Aspera Foundation

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one.” – Mother Teresa, founder of The Missionaries of Charity

Why do we help?!

Recent times have proved to be very difficult for humanity and the acceleration of humanitarian crises in the world. This is an ongoing process that is in desperate need to be stopped, because the numbers of people in need for help is always on the rise. Our humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation programs aim at making people’s life better, reduce their suffering and help them get back on their feet and be stronger.

We reach out to those in help and we focus primarily on people who are most vulnerable and in need. As a consequence, rather than targeting a specific sector, we address emergencies comprehensively based on the given context and the added value we can bring. Our interventions typically focus on:

  • Food Security & Livelihoods
  • Nutrition
  • Water, Hygiene & Sanitation
  • Shelter and NFIs
  • Protection
  • Disaster risk reduction

Following the emergency phase, we place the emphasis on local economic recovery (community work programmes, restoration of sources of livelihood), and then on the rehabilitation of basic infrastructure (repairing destroyed schools, health centres, houses etc.).

Aside from emergency response, we consider it essential to work in the long term before a disaster ever strikes with the most vulnerable communities and build their resilience and ability to withstand disasters with the least possible loss of life and damage to health, livelihoods and property. We also keep enhancing our capacity to react in timely manner to emerging crises through systematic emergency preparedness planning.

During all phases of assistance, maximum involvement of local people is of the essence to ensure that the disaster victims are not just passive recipients of aid, but rather those who, first and foremost, help themselves. Humanitarian assistance is provided solely on the basis of need, without any bias against members of a particular ethnic, religious or political or other groups or against any one of the parties to a conflict while respecting essential humanitarian standards.